Providing water harvesters in a poor community

Warmest greetings to all. We hope that you will be able to help us procure rainwater harvesters for Daisy and Janet and 5 of their neighbors in the remote village of Mahayag. Just a moment ago, Daisy and Janet was able to receive gifts of food and blanket from a very generous donor and we are aiming at providing to the family with access to water. Water is very scarce here and Daisy and Janet used to fetch water from a spring located very far from their house for drinking and cooking. This is also the case of 5 neighbors who do the same. It is usually the children bearing the hard labor of fetching water. Now with the Coronavirus pandemic, water is a precious commodity not only for drinking but also for general hygiene as well. The use of rainwater harvesters comprising sanitary recycled 200-liter drums will do wonders for those badly needing water. The drums will be positioned near the roof and connected with galvanized iron gutters. Help us provide them with these harvesters which can only be procured in the city. Thank you very much.

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