Production of high-value crops

Warm greetings and thank you very much for your generous support to our project providing livelihood and nutrition support for women. This time is precarious for poor hoseholds as climate change and the proliferation of virulent virus such as the recent Coronavirus will impact in a hard way local communities with very little coping mechanisms. This reporting period, we are able to initiate the organization of women farmers and housewives to grow and process dragon fruit plants. The plants grow very well and there are a lot of open farmlands that can be devoted to its production. The products are endless, from fresh fruits to soap, candies, jams and wine. The women’s association will focus on the processing of various products for the marketand our next step will be to assist in the registering of their association so that they will have a legal personality, accessing support from partners and then start processing the products for value adding. We will provide additional updates in succeeding reports about their progress.

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